A song for the holidays!

I figured we needed a downbeat, relationship song!
Check it out on Spotify!


2 thoughts on “A song for the holidays!

  1. As much as you may care what a random guy thinks, your voice effects are over bearing and I feel like the background tracks (in the songs I have listened to) are too loud. I feel like I’m left wondering what your voice actually sounds like. Also I almost left your site before even commenting because of the autoplaying video upon entering, groan. (Also as far as reddit is concerned I found your music from your flair on a subreddit – i think it might be best to have your name only associated with music-get a personal account for the rest).


    1. Hey, thanks a lot for the comment! I totally took off the pre-loading video. I agree it’s a bit much! I also agree with your vocals and the music levels observation. I don’t have any explanation for those things other than that I’m an amateur, I write and record all my music in my bedroom, so I guess I’ve got a ways to go before anything sounds “professional”. I’m honestly just trying to express myself and have fun with this hobby. Regardless, I do appreciate the feedback! I’ll use it as motivation to be better!!! Thanks! ❤ ddespair, aka DeeDee


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