Updates & Singles!

ohhh, ahh, welllll, after much MORE thinking, I’ve decided to scrap my albums and opt to release my songs as singles.

It’s kind of a weird thing to say, but it’s reflective of the times.

If this had been the 80’s, an album would make more sense to me, but as an unknown artist, releasing albums feels like setting a bottle adrift into the Pacific Ocean with a message scribbled onto it.

I still have an idea of which songs would correspond to which albums, so maybe in the future I’ll release one.

You know, my goal was never to be a superstar. My dream was to release a song I was proud of, and I’ve done that with the singles I plan to release.

Slapping them together in an album feels forced.

Not because I don’t think they work, but more that I know I’ve written them under the weight of living a life where I have to work and eat and pay rent.

I don’t have the freedom or the resources to sit down with myself and feel proud of a cohesive collection of songs that would work together.

I have about 7 singles, spanning the three albums I planned to release and maybe 4 of them will be mixed professionally.

I say that loosely though becuase they certainly weren’t recorded professionally, which means that even when mixed professionally, they will never sound the way I want them to.

Because they’d never be that level of professional studio, radio-ready quality, I feel like an album wouldn’t be justified.

See, all of these reasons are why I’m doing the single bit.

-but ya’ know, it doesn’t mean I’m disappointed, it’s just the way it is.

I am still quite happy to be able to make any music.

I feel I’ve expressed myself and done the best I can do with what I have.

So yeah, singles, no albums.


See ya’ later!



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