NEWS! Victorian Summer is now an EP!

After much thought, I’ve decided to release my songs as short EPs.
Wellll, I’ve realized it is taking a very long time to mix these things.
-which is something I have to try and do myself, due to funds.
So rather than WAITING and not really officially releasing anything, I’ve decided to release the songs in groups via the EP format.

So what is an EP?
An EP started out as something more akin to the record industry, like, physical records.
A space issue meant that it was basically a collection of music limited by the storage capabilities of the media format.
Today we just basically use the term to describe short albums.

Soooooo, my first short album will in fact be Victorian Summer with the following track listing. (probably in a different order :P)


1. Pedicab Duet
2. Merry-Go-Round
3. Waves
4. Skyline
5. Sparkler
6. Descend
7. Contact

I should be ready to release it before the end of September!
How exciting!



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