New Single, New Cover, New Direction!

It’s been a long journey making Victorian Summer.
-and just when I feel like it was ending, I feel like it’s starting over again. All because of the last song on the album.
That song is Merry-Go-Round.

Merry-Go-Round is a song I had no intention of including in Victorian Summer, until I was playing around with it one evening, and something clicked.
Merry-Go-Round started as a song called “Limitless”, but “Limitless” wasn’t working.
Oddly enough, it wasn’t working due to.. limitations.

I have many limitations I’m working against, I think every Artist encounters them.
In my world it was lack of funds to professional record. The inability to sing well. Haha, it’s true. -and finally, what every singer/songerwriter faces, the fact they are writing their own original songs, without a team, and often under the duress of staying afloat in everyday life.

I have no issue with skirting my singing ability. -but many times I find myself scraping ideas simply because they are beyond my singing abilities.
I couldn’t sing “Limitless” so I had to leave it behind.
but where “Limitless” died, Merry-Go-Round was born.

Everything started working when I just tried another route.
I wrote all the lyrics almost in a single evening. Only the hook was a hold out.

What goes around comes around, like a merry go round/

It just sounded so obvious to me.
I think writing lyrics is much like writing a novel in that the beginning requires impact, as well as the conclusion.
The conclusion tends to be the hook, so the first line of the first verse also had to carry a certain significance.
I thought of it almost immediately…

Have I told you you’re a star?/
Have I reminded you, just how important that you are?/

I’ve always admired Madonna, even from an early age. Much of that is due to my sister’s inability to go 5 minutes without playing her record!
-I knew what I wanted was my own Lucky Star.

Madonna’s Lucky Star is so perfectly Pop. It has an unbridled innocence, and playfulness to it.
It says “Here I am world!” I think Merry-Go-Round is my Lucky Star.
I’m not Madonna, so it’s not as bouncy, but it is certainly my sincerity incarnate.
(Hence the inclusion of “star” in my first line. That’s for you, Madonna!)

So here we are now. Because of this new song, I’ve decided to restructure my album to better fit it.
What was once an almost dead piece becomes the lead single.
Not only that, but it inspired a new ALBUM COVER. Who wudda’ thunk it?
What a crazy outcome! That’s inspiration for ya’!

I’m going to submit Merry-Go-Round to itunes this weekend.
Whether it gets 1 plays or 100, I’ll just be really happy my music is out there!



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