Hi there, 2016!

Well, hi there, 2016!
Ya’ kind of snuck up on me!

It’s another year and I really want this to be it.
The year I release my album (finally) and start performing!
As of now I’m shopping around for mixing/mastering services.

I’m also going to trying some new hobbies to fill this buggin’ blog up more!
You must be getting sick of me just repeating how close I am to being done with Victorian Summer!
I know I am!

But I say this, music is hard.
Writing music is hard.
Writing lyrics is hard.
Trying to sing is hard.

I was thinking to myself, what do I even want out of this?
Well, I want a little recognition. Who wouldn’t?
-buuut I’m not after much more than that.
If I sell 20 copies of Victorian Summer, I will consider it a RESOUNDING SUCCESS.
It’s not that I have low standards, it’s just that I can’t do music full time and LIVE.. and it SHOWS.
To really be great you have to do something full time.
Sadly, I just can’t afford to, $ wise.

Art is hard to produce under duress.
-and I mean like, everyday duress, like bills and jobs and relationships.

Dear, if I could do nothing but music, I would show this world a thing or two! Yaya!

But that’s enough for now.
Until next time, luv ya’ lots!


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